The happy 7-day break of the Chinese new year of Ox

CS 193P

I learned about CS193p from Hacker News one day before the break, and immediately decided to put it to my to-do list. I learned SwiftUI last year but since it was still in beta, I found myself unable to do many things as easily as in UIKit (maybe due to lack of good documentation), also the tooling sucked (had to switch between XCode 11 and 12 Beta, which was a huge pain when you had to download 20GiB of binaries and restart when failures).

Chamath Palihapitiya

After CS193p taken around 3–4 days, I’ve spent rest of the week on video clips. Chamanth gave a talk at GSP in 2017, where he explained some of his philosophical ideas and opinions on social networks and their impact on new generation. I found him a candid and controversial person, the latter of which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I guess in the venture world, being an outlier is a gift or even a must.


There are some finished and ongoing readings that I’ve found interesting.

  • Rand’s research on China’s grand strategy is really interesting in that a) I found translations like paramount leaders really amusing (and only after translation!), and b) the fact that this type of facility can really provide a view into China where you wouldn’t usually hear from Chinese materials and social circles
  • 基于深度学习的生命科学 / Deep Learning for the Life Sciences from O’Reilly but the translation was really bad — seems like the translator didn’t even know the meaning of basic when presented along with acid, and then translated it into fundamental or primary in Chinese; nevertheless I see that materials are good and authors are really well informed, and it leads to my interest in’s AI for medicine specialisations


Lastly I’ve been listening to conversations on Clubhouse on and off these days. However, due to its low information intensity I’ll usually just put my AirPods on while walking the dog. Most of the conversations are ill organized (but understandably so), while there were indeed some good ones.



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Jiayu Liu

Jiayu Liu

Hi there! I’m Jiayu Liu, currently an engineering manager at Airbnb China, located in Beijing.