Coder at work (from home)

Staying at home, watching and observing

After returning from the (abruptly interrupted) spring festival holiday, we returned home in Beijing in early February, and then for the next four months we were basically locked up at home, working or not.

Layoff, and how that affects work

Airbnb did a large layoff, amongst many other companies (Uber did two so far, before and after our round, and there was also Lyft and Cruise, etc.), and many people were affected. Airbnb China was also equally affected. Luckily I’m not one of them but I do see many talented people had to be let go.

Work life balance is shifted, tilted, and redefined

Throughout the lockdown I’ve probably gulped down 3 kilogram of grounded black coffee, bought in via 4–5 batches, each bagged in 150g, some dark roast and some more light ones. I’ve learned somewhere that coffee is better filtered, so I’ve tried to drink pour over (drip coffee) instead of using, e.g. my old French press. I think at least my taste has improved to the point where I can taste the difference of myself on a good day v.s. a bad one.



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Jiayu Liu

Jiayu Liu

Hi there! I’m Jiayu Liu, currently an engineering manager at Airbnb China, located in Beijing.